“Growth is inevitable. It is how we choose to grow that makes the difference in the journey.” ~ Tammy Braswell


What do you want to experience on your spiritual journey of elevation, evolution & expansion?

Are You Ready To….


♦  Expand your knowledge, understanding, and ability to create the growth for yourself that your soul is inviting you to do now?

♦  Discover the next levels of who you are and what is possible to understand yourself in deeper, expanded, and more profound ways?

♦  Explore the parts of you waiting for you to uncover your highest potential, purpose, and possibility that lies within you?


Then it is time to…

Transform your life with higher teachings and energetic exercises that will:


¤  Expand your perspective, consciousness, and levels of awareness in what is possible for you


¤  Provide you with guided journeys and higher information to take your vibration and experiences, both energetically and physically, to new elevated levels


¤  Have you consciously creating the life you dream of by healing your past, expanding into the fullness of who you are, and connecting with the higher guidance and frequencies that support you in having everything you desire

Your answers are within these Masterclasses…


♦ What do you want to know and discover to help you elevate, evolve, and expand into more of who you really are?


PLEASE NOTE: Each Masterclass includes insight, understanding and higher perspective information as well as supporting materials and channeled energetic exercises so you know the WHY behind the topic and have what you need to implement, embody, and be living it in your life right away.

Masterclass ~ Ancestral Lineage Release

You may not even realize what you carry that has been passed down to you through your family line on either or both of your parent’s sides of the family.

You don’t just carry traits like eye color, hair color, height and genetics from your parents and ancestors, you also carry their heavy energies around money, relationships, parenting, beliefs and more.

When you release the old energies and patterns that have been brought down through your family line to you, you can stop them from continuing and even shift the energy of those who come after you (your children), your siblings, and back up through and to each of your ancestors who carried this energy as well all the way back to where it originated.

This changes how you experience your life now where there were once limitations created before you, you can now experience freedom. Not only do you set yourself free of those old and heavy energies, but you set everyone else before and after you free as well.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Clearing Your Birth Energy

Resetting the Energy of Your Entry into this World

We all have a story of our birth but is it one that resonates of the love you want to feel from it?

We hold the experiences from the time of our conception to our birth, and beyond as you know, with us.

Some of those are wonderful and we want to keep them, others hold energy of pain, struggle, trauma and lower vibrational energies that we are ready to move out of so we can expand into the next higher version of ourselves.

It is time to consciously create the experience of you entering this physical world in the highest, most loving space and energy so you can experience that in your energy now and process, heal and release anything that no longer serves who you are now and who you want to become. 

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Expanding Your Consciousness

Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Physical

Discover how to expand your consciousness so that you know yourself as the limitless, divine spiritual being you are.

You will discover how to journey beyond the limits of the physical, work in higher energies of creation, and experience a freedom your soul has known, at the deepest level, is possible for you!

There are no limitations except those you believe there are.

This work opens your intuitive senses more as well as making you hypersensitive in your physical senses. You experience everything at a heightened level which allows you to receive much more in the way of subtle energy and higher messages. 

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Heal Your Emotional Wounds & Attachments

And be Free to go Vibrationally Higher

Everything is made up of energy and that includes your emotions. They are held in the emotional layer of your energy field and remain there until they are fully processed, healed and moved through.

What happens is that we often don’t fully move through and process our emotions because they are uncomfortable and even painful. It is easier to push them aside and not look at them.

Because emotions are energy, and energy can never be destroyed, it can only change form, the emotion that was formed now exists until you fully process it.

Once you do, it satisfies your soul’s desire for that experience so it will now be complete, freeing you from its low vibrational influence in your body and life.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Love Yourself

Connect with Your Body and Prioritize Self Love

Loving your body and self love go hand in hand.

As your body is always with you, so are YOU. You can’t run from, or leave, yourself if you are unhappy with the things you do or say or the way your life is going. You are going to be with you every day of your entire life.

It is time to be willing to make yourself a priority in your life. To show yourself that you are important and to change the relationship you have with yourself to one that is healthier and more loving. And, to do this guilt free by giving yourself permission to live with an enthusiasm and zest for life.

You are the most important person in your life because no matter what anyone else chooses to do, you will always have YOU and always be with YOU. You can’t decide one day to leave yourself. Everywhere you go, YOU go with you.

You are actually the best investment you can ever make because no matter what the rest of the world is doing, you have you to rely on and be the conscious creator of your life.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Manifest Your Desires

You are a powerful creator and manifestor!

You are creating your life in every moment, but this is usually from unconscious, habitual patterns that don’t have the results you think you want showing up.

By becoming more conscious of how you are manifesting the things in your life, you can begin to tune into the power of creation to close the gap of where you are and what it is you want, so that you can experience it in your reality.

It is a natural thing for you to do.

It is just your lifelong conditioning that has you believing it is more complicated and difficult.

Once you become aware of how to consciously create what you want to experience, it will happen more quickly and with more desirable results.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ The Power of Forgiveness

Releasing the Weight YOU Carry

A powerful way to also heal emotional wounds and release lower level emotional attachments is through forgiveness.

The practice of forgiveness is something many people have a challenge with but when you understand the benefits for you to forgive, it is something you want to do.

To be able to forgive someone else, you have to know how to forgive yourself.

As Buddha shared…holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Time Travel for Healing & Inner Peace

Healing Your Child Self and Connecting with Your Future Self…

Imagine “traveling through time” to heal the emotional wounds that your child self still holds on to and to connect with the future version of yourself to know what may come next for you.

Your child self is that part of you that holds your emotional wounds that began in your childhood and your future self holds the possibilities from the choices you are making now.

What if you can connect with each of them to create change in the energy that has been and will be?

Now you can!

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Understanding Your Energy

Embracing Your Human and Spiritual Sides

Everything that exists is made up of energy.

Energy is always in motion. Even if you can’t actually see it with your eyes, everything is vibrating, even you.

Depending on the rate of the vibration of the energy, it is how our minds interpret what we experience with our five senses.

We are all part of the same energy, so to think about it, if this is true, then everything else is made up of the same energy, and all that energy is connected.

Understand your energy, including your personal energy field and chakras, and how you live in this physical reality changes and opens you up in new and exciting ways.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ You are a Channel

Open Yourself to Communicating with Higher Beings and Energies

Channeling is the ability to allow higher information, energies and beings to flow through you and be open to receiving it the messages, signs and communication they share with you.

We are all channels. It’s part of who we are. It isn’t special to only a select few. Every one of us is a channel.

You are like a radio sending out your own frequency and you are going to be able to pick up and tune into the frequencies that are similar to where yours is at.

When you open yourself up to allowing energy to move through you and receive the messages being offered, you more easily can tune into the channel you want to be on and communicate and connect with the higher beings and energies you want.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Your Energetic Board of Directors

Receiving Wisdom from the Great Minds

Have you ever wanted to be able to talk to the great minds that have lived throughout time to tap into the knowledge they had to invent things, create wealth, help others, or take leaps that change the course of history? Maybe Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, George Washington, Mother Theresa, even Oprah or Sir Richard Branson, or whomever it is that you have been wanting to have a conversation with, to ask them your important questions or just for their advice or guidance to help you in your life.

You have the ability to create your own Board of Directors of those you feel can best assist you with guidance, advice and information relating to your business, finances, health, relationships, spiritual growth, and whatever you want to receive greater support with. It is a board created by you, with the purpose to assist you, that you can access anytime you want and they are there to help you.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Your Wealth Mindset Shift

Connecting with Your Wealth Frequency

Wealth isn’t just money and opulent, luxurious or extravagant things.

Wealth is a state of mind.

Wealth is a mindset, not the physical proof.

It is believing, and knowing, that you have an abundant overflow of the highest level experiences that life has for you.

It is about having balance and harmony in all areas of your life and living in the flow of the universe to experience it all with ease, joy and abundance.

The Universe/God/Source or whatever you call it holds nothing back from you.

If you can imagine it and tune into it to match its frequency from a place of love for it, it will show up for you with speed, ease and in the most perfect ways.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Masterclass ~ Your Vibrational Frequency

Its Importance in Creating the Life You Desire

Your vibrational frequency is the energetic frequency you are sending out that brings back to you the experiences of your life that match it.

Only those experiences, people and circumstances that are on, or in proximity to, that frequency will be attracted and drawn to you.

By consciously creating from a higher vibrational frequency, your life feels like magic because the things and experiences you desire show up easily, quickly and in a feeling of flow with it all.

You can change your frequency once you become aware of the frequency you are on if you do not enjoy the experiences you are having or want something more or different in your experience.

Energy Exchange ONLY $198

Mini Masterclass ~ Calling Heaven

Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side

What if you could consciously communicate with your loved ones who have transitioned into spirit? You could:

*  Connect with a child, parent, grandparent, sibling, or anyone who has passed away
*  Say the things you didn’t feel you had time to say while they were still alive
*  Sort through unfinished life experiences you have with someone and finally feel a “completion” with them
*  Confirm for yourself that they are alright and have “moved on” to a better place
*  Create a new kind of relationship that doesn’t have to end just because they are no longer in the physical with you
*  Feel like you have an understanding of why they left when they did
*  Receive support, guidance, help, and love from them, in more expanded ways than you knew before

With the Calling Heaven ~ Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side guided process, you can communicate with whomever you desire to, whenever you want to!

Energy Exchange ONLY $99


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“I find what Tammy shares to be valuable and interesting information. Things she has shared with me have brought new insight into my life and have improved the quality and experiences of it. Thank you!”

Sandra H from Michigan

Tammy is one of those special people that comes around once in a lifetime!”

Charles B from Michigan

“You’ve helped me immensely Tammy. There is a real difference in the love that I feel for myself, the gratitude I feel every day, and my willingness to do the work necessary to move forward , and consequently, move up. You’ve helped me make choices that have created positive change in my life. Thank you from my heart.”

Tracy T from Michigan

“Working with Tammy has been exciting, profound, deep and transformative. I have had the most wonderful and amazing realizations, adventures, insights and inspirations with her.

Putri S from Austrailia

“You are wonderful and have incredible healing skills. You helped me release the emotions I was holding onto about my mother that I didn’t have to live with and helped me to let her go. That changed my life and understanding of everything.”

Tracy B from Michigan

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and yourself with us. You provided insights, challenged our thinking, answered questions that were there, and got us moving forward.”

Gerry from Michigan

You have questions…here are your answers!

Are the Masterclasses a one time purchase?

Yes! You can purchase a single Masterclass or a Three (3) Masterclass Bundle and each are a one time purchase with unlimited access.

What if I'd like access to all of the Masterclasses offered here?

All of the Masterclasses shared here are available in The Higher Consciousness Circle. It is a monthly membership and you can access all of these Masterclasses as well as additional Activations, energetic exercises and processes, meditations, and LIVE monthly energy offerings via Zoom and in the private community.

You can cancel your membership at any time and once your current month is complete, your access to the membership materials, as well as the private community, will be complete.

Do you offer refunds?

Since all of this material is energetic in nature, it is non-tangible so once you access it, you’ve receive and consumed it so it is not “returnable” for any kind of refund. It keeps it in integrity and purity of the energy exchange. It is well worth more than the investment and energetic exchange, so you will love it!

If I want to know how to work with Tammy in other ways, how do I reach her?

That is a great step in upleveling your life! You can reach out to Tammy on her website at CreateByVibration.com through the contact page and find her active on Facebook. You can also connect with her in her high vibe Facebook group ~ Your Spiritual Journey Playground ~at createbyvibration.com/yourspiritualjourneyplayground

How much access do I have to the Masterclasses I purchase?

You’ll have unlimited access to all Masterclasses you purchase. Just log into your account and you can access all of your purchased Masterclasses.

Can I find this material anywhere else?

The information shared within these Masterclasses is proprietary material from Tammy, most of which is channeled and intuitively downloaded through higher divine guidance. Although the information may be shared in other ways, this is Tammy’s translation of what she has received and experienced in her life and is honored and blessed to share with others.

Is there any additional support with my Masterclass purchase?

The Masterclasses are self study material. If you’d like to interact with Tammy or have the opportunity to ask questions, you’ll have the ability to do that as a member of The Higher Consciousness Circle.

Will the information and materials offered actually change my life?
Yes! If you consistently and intentionally work with the information and materials offered, you will experience changes in yourself and your life. Please know that it is YOU that opens yourself to being willing to experience something more and new, so it is completely possible for you to do so. It is inevitable and guaranteed because you are connecting with who you really are and it is from that place you can create anything you desire in your life.


Receive a 2 week FREE trial in The Higher Consciousness Circle when you purchase the
Three (3) Masterclass Bundle.

*You’ll receive the details in an email with a special link to join. Only one trial membership per person.

Hello, I am….

Tammy Braswell, The Vibrational Goddess, and my passion is to support those on their conscious spiritual journey to fully express and experience themselves as the divine beings they are having the human experience their soul wants to have in this physical reality.

There is so much to explore and experience when you are connected with your true Self, your Soul and Source.

Now is truly the time to awaken to the higher levels of who you really are and live in the fullness of that in all you are, do and have in your life!

I share my knowledge, insight and the higher guidance I receive through these Masterclasses so that you may tap into all that is available to you while you are in this human experience.

I’ve been sensitive to energy, spirits and unseen planes of existence since I was a young child. It is part of my daily experience to connect and communicate with higher energies, beings and Source.

I know the value of having support along our spiritual journey, so allow me to assist you in elevating, evolving and expanding yourself and your life in new and amazing ways!

The work I offer is a proprietary blend of all that I have studied, intuited, channeled and experienced firsthand in my own life as the intuitive channel, high vibrational healer, Akashic Records expert, Energetic Creation coach and teacher, and creator of new energy methods.

I’m here with you in this adventure and playground we call life!


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